€150,000 year mortgage to purchase a large house in rural France

August 2018 – Mr and Mrs P. 38 and 32 years old.

Newlywed couple from Oxford, England

Client requirements:

Our clients approached us as they had just signed a compromis to purchase a large rural property in Haute-Vienne, 55 km North of Limoges.

As they had committed a large proportion of their savings to their wedding reception, our clients were keen to minimise their cash contribution to the French project.

As this was a property located in a rural location where French lenders tend to have less appetite, it was critical to work closely with the estate agent and the surveyor to obtain the right valuation output.

Our solution:


We arranged an 85% Loan to Value Capital Repayment 25 year term mortgage.

Loan amount : €150,000

Interest rate : 1.95% (floating)

No early repayment fees

Life insurance arranged with an independent insurance company