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French Lifetime mortgage : an innovative financing solution for borrowers over 65

In France, lifetime mortgages are known as Prêts Viagers Hypothécaires. A French lifetime mortgage is a long-term loan secured on a French property.  Unlike a regular mortgage loan, you don’t make any monthly repayments as the interest builds up on your loan each year. A Lifetime mortgage does not need to be repaid before you

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In the press : The New York Times

Great write up on House Hunting in France by Marcelle Sussman Fischler in the International Real Estate section of the The New York Times Glad that we were able to bring our small contribution.

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Sale of a French property by a Non-Resident : Who needs to appoint a Fiscal Representative ?

Specific rules and regulations defining the requirement to appoint a Fiscal Representative when selling a French property are governed by CGI, article 244 bis A In summary, the sale by a non-resident individual of a real estate property located in France requires the appointment of a tax representative, except under the scenarios for dispensation set

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Sourcing the right Term Life Insurance contract for your French mortgage

The majority of French lenders require that a Life and permanent disability insurance contract is arranged alongside a mortgage. This is a standard risk requirement and the policy must be underwritten by a French provider. As an authorised mortgage and insurance broker, Bluesky Finance work with a large panel of insurance companies. We can source

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Bluesky Finance featured in The Wall Street Journal

Find out what the WSJ had to say about Bluesky Finance THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

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Everything you need to know about changes to French Wealth Tax

New rules governing French wealth tax came into effect on 1st January 2018. In this post, we explain what the changes to the law mean if you own a French property or if you are planning to acquire one. Prior to the changes, French wealth tax (ISF) was assessed on all assets owned by the

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French Mortgage lending in a post BREXIT world

It’s early 2021, we are all impacted by lockdowns and strict travel restrictions. Against all odds, Non-Resident buyers are still active in the French property market. Here is a brief overview of mortgage lending in a post BREXIT world :   Overall, few changes as a result of BREXIT but some new pitfalls to be

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New Special Expatriate Income Tax Regime for those relocating to France

If you have plans to relocate to France, you may be eligible for very advantageous tax arrangements, subject to certain conditions. The expatriate tax regime applies to individuals who were not residents of France for tax purposes during the five calendar years prior to their taking up their duties in a company based in France.

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Early redemption penalties on French mortgages

Most French mortgages come with early repayment fees or penalties also know as ERC. If you have an existing French mortgage and are contemplating remortgaging in France, there are several things you need to be aware of . Firstly ERCs are capped by law and cannot exceed the lower of 3% of the outstanding mortgage

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