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Understanding Mortgage Contingencies in Real Estate Transactions

A mortgage contingency is a critical component of a real estate transaction, especially for buyers who rely on external financing to complete their purchase. This clause serves as a safety net, ensuring that both parties – the buyer and the seller – are protected should the buyer be unable to secure financing. Let’s dive into…

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How to negotiate house prices in France

Navigating the French real estate market can feel like traversing through a labyrinth for the uninitiated, especially when it comes to negotiation. The art of negotiation is paramount in ensuring that you not only secure your desired property but do so at the best possible price. Here’s how you can fine-tune your negotiation skills, understand…

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Paris: A HNWI Guide to Thriving in The City of Light’s Property Market

When it comes to luxury living and high-net-worth investment, Paris stands out as a beacon of opulence and sophistication. The City of Light not only captivates with its timeless allure but also offers an exclusive playground for the affluent. Navigating the Parisian luxury property market, however, requires finesse, strategic acumen, and an in-depth understanding of…

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France Property Tax: A Guide for Non-Residents

Navigating the labyrinthine world of taxes can be daunting, especially when dealing with property tax in a country different from one’s own. France, with its allure of chic living and prime real estate, is a magnet for non-resident investors. However, understanding the French property tax system is important to making informed decisions. This guide aims…

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Navigating Mortgage Payment Holidays in France: A Vital Guide for Homeowners

In an ever-evolving real estate landscape, understanding the provisions for mortgage payment holidays can be a lifesaver for homeowners. France, known for its protective consumer policies, offers mortgage payment holiday options under specific circumstances. This guide aims to demystify the concept of mortgage payment holidays, examine the availability from French lenders, highlight when to consider…

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Exploring the Charms and Opportunities of Provence: A Guide for European Investors

Nestled in the heart of the south of France, Provence offers a tapestry of scenic landscapes, from lavender fields stretching towards the horizon to ancient olive groves whispering the tales of millennia. This region is not only renowned for its breathtaking beauty and rich history but also for its vibrant luxury property market. European high…

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French Property Prices Forecast for 2024: France’s Housing Market Review and Outlook

The French real estate market is experiencing a slowdown, and the situation is not expected to improve in 2024. This is attributed to a challenging economic period marked by inflation, resulting in a decline in the purchasing power of the French population. Additionally, the rise in bank interest rates is making access to credit more…

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French Mortgage lending in a post BREXIT world

It’s early 2021, we are all impacted by lockdowns and strict travel restrictions. Against all odds, Non-Resident buyers are still active in the French property market. Here is a brief overview of mortgage lending in a post BREXIT world :   Overall, few changes as a result of BREXIT but some new pitfalls to be…

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New Special Expatriate Income Tax Regime for those relocating to France

If you have plans to relocate to France, you may be eligible for very advantageous tax arrangements, subject to certain conditions. The expatriate tax regime applies to individuals who were not residents of France for tax purposes during the five calendar years prior to their taking up their duties in a company based in France.

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