Mortgage Solutions

We recognise that international buyers need solutions tailored to their individual circumstances and borrowing requirements, whether in relation to the purchase of a future home, a buy-to-let property or a remortgage.

With this in mind, we have established a range of mortgage options to help you. We continually monitor the market for new mortgage plans who will add value to our non-resident clients.

Bluesky Finance can help you to:

  • Decide how much you could borrow
  • Provide you with a pre-qualification
  • Search the whole mortgage market
  • Negotiate terms with lenders and insurers
  • Identify the best mortgage products
  • Ensure that your circumstances are well understood by the lender
  • Identify suitable Life insurance policies
  • Assist you with the application and conveyancing process

Our range of real estate loans

Residential mortgages

We arrange residential mortgages for properties located in mainland France, Corsica, La Réunion and the West Indies.

We can assist buyers from all nationalities, regardless of their country of residence. A large proportion of our customers reside outside Europe. We offer a variety of solutions for US persons subject to FATCA.

Our large panel of European specialist and High-Street lenders cover a wide range of mortgage solutions. We offer interest-only, full amortizing, hybrid loans, new build programmes, private banking structures, high LTVs…

We provide free pre-qualifications… don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Remortgage / refinance

French mortgage rates have fallen to an all-time low.

Whether you reside on France or abroad, it is possible to refinance your existing mortgage loan and save €,000s.

Remortgaging is a good way to escape high variable rates or reduce your monthly instalments. Moving to a new lender is also a good way to manage your payments if your existing mortgage has switched from interest-only to capital repayment.

We can search the market and secure a new mortgage plan which is suited to your circumstances.

Buy to Let / Lease back

The French Real estate market is a well established asset class. It has the potential to generate profits both through capital appreciation and through regular rental income.

Recent tax and legal changes in the rental market mean that it is now more important than ever to take advice from a specialist mortgage broker.

Whether you want low interest-only payments, a known fixed instalment, a high loan to value (LTV) or assistance with your property management, we can help.

Cash-out and equity release

Cash-out or equity release mortgages are relatively uncommon in France.

If you own a property in France and have equity, you may be able to raise capital or release equity if you meet one of the following conditions:
• The property is worth more than €1,000,000
• The property was purchased less than one year ago
• You pay income tax in France
• You are over 80

Non-resident best-buy table

Mortgage planLoan typeMax LTVInterest rateExit feeMonthly payment for every €100,000Notes
15 year fixedrepayment50%3.90%0%€735Pledge of a saving account with a min. balance of €250,000
20 year fixedrepayment50%4.05%0%€609Pledge of a saving account with a min. balance of €250,000
15 year fixedrepayment70%4.75%0%€778Minimum deposit of 6 instalments
25 year fixedrepayment70%4.95%0%€582Minimum deposit of 6 instalments
19 year fixedrepayment75%4.20%2.20%€653Prime locations only
25 year fixedrepayment75%4.45%2.22%€579Prime locations only
20 year adjustable with a caprepayment80%4.22%0%€623Restricted to UK and Irish residents
19 year fixedrepayment85%4.20%2.10%€653Restricted to UK, Swiss, Irish and NL residents
25 year fixedrepayment85%4.45%2.22%€579Restricted to UK, Swiss, Irish and NL residents
7 year fixedInterest-only75%4.50%2,25%€375Subject to eligibility
Terms subject to status and eligibility. Minimum loan amounts apply. Some plans are subject to restrictions. Terms valid as at June 4th 2024.

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