Case studies

€338,000 15 year fixed rate mortgage for a couple of wine lovers from Texas

February 2020  – M and Mrs P.  52 and 49 years old. American couple from Texas.


Client requirement:


Our clients were looking to arrange a low rate euro denominated mortgage loan to purchase a property in the heart of the Burgundy vineyards.


Financing solution engineered by Bluesky Finance :

Low rate, low downpayment mortgage for Dutch couple residing in New-Zealand

February 2020  – M and Mrs A.  38 and 35 years old. Dutch couple residing in New-Zealand.


Client requirement:

Our clients got in touch as they were in the process of purchasing a holiday home in the Gers region of France. They had been offered several mortgage plans which all required a minimum downpayment of 30% which did not really meet their expectations.

Brittany cottage dream come true with FATCA compatible euro mortgage

January 2020 – M and Mrs L.  53 and 51 years old. French couple living and working in the US on a local employment contract.

Client requirement:

Our clients contacted us as they were planning to purchase a holiday cottage in Brittany. Their intention was to spend a few months a year in Brittany before retiring there in 12 to 15 years time.

Our clients already owned two buy to let properties in France and had a long term established banking relationship with a leading French High Street bank. Due to their US residency status and FATCA related restrictions, our clients’ mortgage application had been denied by their bank.

1.35% fixed rate Buy to Let mortgage for French national working in the US

July 2019 – Ms M. 30 years old. French national working and residing in New-York.

Client requirement:

Buy to Let mortgage to finance the purchase of a first property investment in France.

€2.2 million euros cash-out remortgage against a Chalet in Chamonix

June 2019 – Mr and Mrs D. 51 and 51 years old. British couple residing in Hong-Kong.


Client requirement:

Refinance of an existing capital repayment credit facility arranged in 2011 on a tracker rate.

€220,000 equity release loan for British couple residing in France

May 2019 – Mr and Mrs J. 71 and 72 years old. Franco British couple residing in France.


Client requirement:

Owners of a beautiful villa in Provence, our clients wanted to release equity to make the most of their  retirement years. Their plan was to downsize within the next 10 years and purchase a smaller property.

1.45% Fixed rate mortgage for Franco-American couple

June 2019 – Mr and Mrs W. 54 and 53 years old. Franco-American couple residing in Florida.

Client requirement:

Following a denial by two French banks, our clients needed to arrange a mortgage rapidly to ensure a closing before the agreed contractual deadline

Holiday home mortgage for Saudi-Arabia residents buying in Provence

May 2019 – Mr and Mrs McC. 44 and 40 years old. Australian couple residing in Saudi Arabia.

Client requirement:

Residential mortgage to purchase a holiday home located in Provence.

Our clients were looking for a long term fixed rate mortgage as well as an ability to repay the mortgage early.

100% LTV buy to Let mortgage for Franco British couple residing in France

April 2019 – Mr and Mrs M. 48 and 47 years old. Franco British couple residing in France.


Client requirement:

Buy to Let mortgage to purchase an apartment located in Paris.

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