Case studies

100% LTV interest-only euro mortgage secured on a GPB interest-bearing account

September 2018 – Mr and Mrs L. 63 and 71 years old.

English couple residing in the UK.

Client requirements:

Our clients contacted us as they were in the process of purchasing a holiday home in Antibes, on the French Riviera. Although they could afford to pay the full price without resorting to mortgage finance, our clients were reluctant to converting a significant proportion of their savings, held in GPB, into Euros dur to the unfavourable exchange rate.

Euro denominated mortgage to purchase a new build apartment in London

July 2018 –  Mr and Mrs L. 54 and 59 years old.

French couple residing in Qatar and the UK.

Client requirements : arrange a mortgage loan to finance the purchase of a new build apartment located in London.  Despite a comfortable income and significant assets, UK based lenders were struggling to understand our clients’ unique situation primarily because of an income originating from the Middle-East.

€235,000 mortgage for an American gentleman purchasing a Paris “pied à terre”

June 2018 – Mr S., 59, American gentleman residing in LA.

Client requirement: Euro mortgage to purchase a “pied à terre” in Vincennes, near Paris.

Buy to Let mortgage in a new build programme for French expats residing in China

May 2018 – Mr and Mrs D

County of residence : China

French property location : Paris. New build apartment in the magnificent UNIC Batignolles programme

Client requirements : Buy to Let mortgage to finance the completion of the programme.

Cash-out remortgage for retired English couple

May 2018 – Mr and Mrs H., aged 67 and 63

County of residence : France

French property location : Paris area

Client requirements :

Adjust monthly payments to retirement income and release equity against primary residence.

Director’s loan refinance for a French SCI

January 2018 – SCI à la Montagne

Cash-out in the form of a Director’s loan refinance for an SCI (Special Purpose Vehicle) which owned two unincumbered properties located in Megève.

The Company directors, successful British entrepreneurs, were keen to take  advantage of the €/GPB exchange rate.  Their requirements was to refinance all funds which had been advanced to the SCI by way of a Director’s loan.

Interest-only remortgage for Cap d’Antibes villa

December 2017 – Mr S. and Mrs D.

Remortgage of an interest-only loan secured against a villa located in the Cap d’Antibes (French Riviera).

Clients’ country of residence: UK

Our clients had owned the property for ten years. As their interest-only credit line was approaching its term, their requirement consisted in remortgaging to a new Interest-only loan with a new mortgage provider.

Euro denominated mortgage loan to buy a beautiful villa in Provence

January 2018 – Mr and Mrs H.

Franco-American couple

Country of residence : Florida, USA

Residential mortgage for holiday home in Provence

Quick Mortgage for a Chalet in snowy St Martin de Belleville

Mr and Mrs C.  – November 2017
County of residence : Ireland
Residential mortgage for a recently renovated Chalet located St Martin de Belleville, near Courchevel

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