Case studies

1.1% 20 year fixed rate mortgage for French expat buying in Paris

December 2018 – M and Mrs B. – 51 and 48 years old.

French couple living and working in the UK.


Client requirements :

Our clients contacted us as they were in the process of purchasing a family apartment in Paris. Their intention was to let the apartment before relocating to Paris when the apartment would become their primary residence.

As they already owned several properties in France, it was in our client’s interest to maximise the Loan amount in order to minimise the value of taxable assets under the French IFI wealth tax scheme.

100% LTV interest-only euro mortgage secured on a GPB interest-bearing account

September 2018 – Mr and Mrs L. 63 and 71 years old.

English couple residing in the UK.

Client requirements:

Our clients contacted us as they were in the process of purchasing a holiday home in Antibes, on the French Riviera. Although they could afford to pay the full price without resorting to mortgage finance, our clients were reluctant to converting a significant proportion of their savings, held in GPB, into Euros dur to the unfavourable exchange rate.

Euro denominated mortgage to purchase a new build apartment in London

July 2018 –  Mr and Mrs L. 54 and 59 years old.

French couple residing in Qatar and the UK.

Client requirements : arrange a mortgage loan to finance the purchase of a new build apartment located in London.  Despite a comfortable income and significant assets, UK based lenders were struggling to understand our clients’ unique situation primarily because of an income originating from the Middle-East.

€235,000 mortgage for an American gentleman purchasing a Paris “pied à terre”

June 2018 – Mr S., 59, American gentleman residing in LA.

Client requirement: Euro mortgage to purchase a “pied à terre” in Vincennes, near Paris.

Buy to Let mortgage in a new build programme for French expats residing in China

May 2018 – Mr and Mrs D

County of residence : China

French property location : Paris. New build apartment in the magnificent UNIC Batignolles programme

Client requirements : Buy to Let mortgage to finance the completion of the programme.

Cash-out remortgage for retired English couple

May 2018 – Mr and Mrs H., aged 67 and 63

County of residence : France

French property location : Paris area

Client requirements :

Adjust monthly payments to retirement income and release equity against primary residence.

Director’s loan refinance for a French SCI

January 2018 – SCI à la Montagne

Cash-out in the form of a Director’s loan refinance for an SCI (Special Purpose Vehicle) which owned two unincumbered properties located in Megève.

The Company directors, successful British entrepreneurs, were keen to take  advantage of the €/GPB exchange rate.  Their requirements was to refinance all funds which had been advanced to the SCI by way of a Director’s loan.

Interest-only remortgage for Cap d’Antibes villa

December 2017 – Mr S. and Mrs D.

Remortgage of an interest-only loan secured against a villa located in the Cap d’Antibes (French Riviera).

Clients’ country of residence: UK

Our clients had owned the property for ten years. As their interest-only credit line was approaching its term, their requirement consisted in remortgaging to a new Interest-only loan with a new mortgage provider.

Euro denominated mortgage loan to buy a beautiful villa in Provence

January 2018 – Mr and Mrs H.

Franco-American couple

Country of residence : Florida, USA

Residential mortgage for holiday home in Provence

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