French Mortgage Solutions for Expats, Non-Residents and International Clients

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Bluesky Finance is a France based independent specialist mortgage broker. We search and arrange high-quality mortgage solutions for international buyers.

Why us

  • As a France based specialist mortgage broker, we work with a large panel of banks. We are one of the few genuine whole of market brokers operating in the non-resident mortgage market
  • We are a team of qualified independent mortgage advisers. We provide independent and regulated advice
  • We save you time and money by negotiating the best terms
  • We thrive to serve our customers with best-in-class service

Residential mortgages

  • Expats, international buyers and US persons
  • Mainland France, Corsica and the West Indies
  • Main homes, holiday homes
  • Interest-only or capital repayment
  • Lombard loans and private bank structures

Remortgage / refinance

  • Refinance to a lower fixed rate
  • Interest-only refinance
  • Buy to let Portfolio refinance
  • Remortgage to buy someone out

Buy to let / leaseback

  • Leaseback mortgage
  • Short term and long-term rentals
  • Landlord insurance
  • Property management

Cash-out and equity release

  • Equity release
  • Post purchase loans
  • Directors loan refinance
  • Foreign purchases
  • Remortgage for capital raising and debt consolidation

Non-resident best-buy table

Mortgage planLoan typeMax LTVInterest rateExit feeMonthly payment per €100,000
12 year fixed repayment60%1.20%0%€746
15 year fixed repayment60%1.30%0%€612
20 year fixedrepayment60%1.35%0%€476
15 year fixedrepayment80%1.35%0.65%€614
20 year fixedrepayment80%1.55%0.75%€485
15 year fixedrepayment85%2.05%1%€ 646
20 year fixedrepayment85%2.20%1.10%€515
25 year fixedrepayment85%2.30%1.15%€438
14 year fixedInterest-only75%2.30%1.15%€ 192
All terms subject to status and eligibility.

How to secure the best mortgage deal in France?

Here are a few simple tips to get the best mortgage deal in France. The following recommendations particularly apply to international buyers who can have access to a wide range of mortgage products when buying or refinancing in France. 1. If you can afford the monthly repayments, select a shorter duration for your mortgage contract.

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French mortgage insurance : switch and save?

Mortgage protection insurance is mandatory when taking out a mortgage in France. The majority of French lenders require that borrowers are insured for the amount of the loan through a life insurance policy which is assigned to the lender. With mortgage insurance premiums accounting for as much as 30% of the total borrowing costs, it

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Should you remortgage to take advantage of lower rates?

With French mortgage rates dropping to all-time lows, now can seem the perfect time to remortgage. But before you start the process of looking for bank statements and pay slips, here are a few guidelines to help you assess whether it makes sense to refinance the loan you took out to buy your French home.

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