French Mortgage Solutions for Expats, Non-Residents and International Clients

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Bluesky Finance is all about delivering the dream of a Bluesky life in France. We know that our clients want to live their dreams of owning a property in their favourite region of France. Many want a pied à terre in the capital, others want to enjoy holidays in the sun, ski to their hearts content or retire and be near family. Owning a property in France means that you can always dip into the French lifestyle that is so loved worldwide.
As France based independent mortgage brokers, we want to make that dream come true for you. We will search the market and arrange the perfect solution for our international clients

Why us

  • As a France based specialist mortgage broker, we work with a large panel of banks. We are one of the few genuine whole of market brokers and so we can offer you the widest choice of solutions to suit your needs
  •  We are experienced, fully independent, and regulated mortgage advisers so you can be confident of the advice we give
  •  The French mortgage market can be complicated and has its own language and if you aren’t fluent, you may miss a trick! So, leave all the hard work to us. We can save you time and money by negotiating the best terms in our native language!
  •  We are passionate about doing the job to the best of our ability and thrive to serve our customers with best-in-class service.

Our Services


Bluesky Finance is a specialist independent boutique mortgage broker. We provide high quality tailored solutions to non-residents buying or owning properties in France. We can help French expats and international clients with their mortgage, refinance and cash-out requirements.

Our commitment is to guide you and search the whole of the market to find the best deal to suit your circumstances.

Our advice is free and comes with no obligations….


While Bluesky Finance’s core business is arranging mortgages, we are fully trained and authorized to offer insurance, life and critical illness cover. We see financial protection as an integral part of our service to clients all the more so as French lenders often require that appropriate life protection is in place. We work with specialist insurance companies and we will guide you towards the most appropriate cover to suit your needs.

Secondary services

We work with specialist consultants who can provide guidance with the following matters :

  • Property search
  • International tax
  • Conveyancing
  • Estate planning
  • Foreign exchange
  • Accounting

We are extremely well connected and will be happy to refer you to local experts.

Non-resident best-buy table

Mortgage planLoan typeMax LTVInterest rateExit feeMonthly payment for every €100,000Notes
15 year fixedrepayment50%4.10%0%€745Pledge of a saving account with a min. balance of €250,000
20 year fixedrepayment50%4.30%0%€622Pledge of a saving account with a min. balance of €250,000
10 year fixedrepayment70%4.25%0%€1,024Minimum deposit of 12 instalments
25 year fixedrepayment70%5.40%0%€608Minimum deposit of 12 instalments
19 year fixedrepayment75%4.50%2.25%€653Prime locations only
25 year fixedrepayment75%4.90%2.45%€579Prime locations only
20 year trackerrepayment80%4.32%0%€623Restricted to UK and Irish residents
19 year fixedrepayment85%4.80%2.40%€669Restricted to UK, Swiss, Irish and NL residents
25 year fixedrepayment85%5.20%2.60%€596Restricted to UK, Swiss, Irish and NL residents
7 year fixedInterest-only75%5,20%2,60%€433Subject to eligibility
Terms subject to status and eligibility. Minimum loan amounts apply. Some plans are subject to restrictions. Terms valid as at January 22nd 2024.

What our customers say


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Here are a few simple tips to get the best mortgage deal in France. The following recommendations particularly apply to international buyers who can have access to a wide range of mortgage products when buying or refinancing in France. 1. If you can afford the monthly repayments, select a shorter duration for your mortgage contract….

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French mortgage insurance : switch and save?

Mortgage protection insurance is mandatory when taking out a mortgage in France. The majority of French lenders require that borrowers are insured for the amount of the loan through a life insurance policy which is assigned to the lender. With mortgage insurance premiums accounting for as much as 30% of the total borrowing costs, it…

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Should you remortgage to take advantage of lower rates?

With French mortgage rates dropping to all-time lows, now can seem the perfect time to remortgage. But before you start the process of looking for bank statements and pay slips, here are a few guidelines to help you assess whether it makes sense to refinance the loan you took out to buy your French home….

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