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Our Story

Amaury had his first brush with French property buyers shortly after Peter Mayle released his “A year in Provence” novel. He witnessed the successful launch of the Crédit Agricole’s “mortgage à la Française” desk. In the pre internet era, customers would come and queue in the Fleet St office to apply for mortgages.

After a 15 year journey working in the UK and French mortgage industry, where he headed, the international mortgage division of GE Capital in France, Italy, the UK, Spain and Portugal. Amaury saw an opportunity to create a proposition entirely dedicated to international buyers seeking to optimise the financing of their French properties.

Bluesky Finance was launched in 2014 with a vision to become the leading specialist mortgage broker dedicated to international buyers.

Our team members combine a unique skillset …. The love of numbers and the passion to make dreams come true.

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Why Us

As a specialist Boutique broker, Bluesky Finance is all about the personalized advice and building great customer relationships. We know that we are dealing with the dreams and aspirations of our customers to achieve the lifestyle they aspire to, in buying a property in France. We think the mortgage process does not have to be the scary headache it can be if you try and do it on your own and we want to make the process as smooth as possible.

With us, you will not talk to automated voices nor Call Centres. Our team are all fully bilingual, which means that no lender can pull the wool over our eyes. Trust us to leave no stone unturned and no legal term or condition unclarified. We take pride in our staff who are not only well-trained, something absolutely necessary in today’s very complex lending environment, but who also share our values and commitments.

We have the widest ranging choice of solutions available on the market as we are based in France so can access products other international brokers cannot always tap into. We will listen to you and frame your requirements into a case that can be understood by overseas lenders to create a package perfectly tailor made for you. You can trust us to know what will work best for you and we will not stop working until we get you the right solution and at the end of the day the keys in your hands.

How it works

Buying a property abroad is a big decision and we know it is something you will have considered for some time. Emotions are invariably involved as buying a property abroad will be the realisation of a long-term ambition, but emotions are not always best placed when large sums of money are involved! We know buying a property abroad is not something you will undertake lightly. More often than not international clients will not be familiar with the French property lending landscape, but this is what we do every day, and we want to ensure you are in a safe pair of hands from day one until you start moving into your dream property.

We are specialists and will ensure that you are kept informed every step of the way. We can negotiate on your behalf with solicitors, insurance brokers, estate agents, banks and other parties which would be a tricky process for most of our clients as they would be working in a foreign language and not understanding the finer details could cost you dearly. We can translate all documents and clarify every step of the process, so you fully understand your commitments.

In the long run we will save you time and money since there is no comparison website for overseas mortgages. We have relationships with all the major players and will tailor a package to suit your particular needs.

So, the process works like this:

  1. We spend time talking to you to understand your needs and what timeframe we will be working to
  2. We provide you with a pre-qualifications confirming the terms you would qualify for
  3. We build a proposal based on considerable research of the market to ensure the package ticks all of your boxes
  4. We negotiate on your behalf with all the third parties to get the job done as quickly and smoothly as possible.
  5. We communicate with you every step of the way, so you are never in the dark as to what is happening at any one time
  6. We deliver on our proposal and ensure your purchase runs to plan so that you get the keys to your dream property

Our team

Gérant Bluesky Finance

Amaury de Monclin

Managing Director & Founder

Prior to founding Bluesky Finance, Amaury worked for more than 20 years in the Consumer Finance industry where he held a variety of senior level Management roles. Working for leading banks and insurance companies, Amaury has built an extensive network of contacts and has acquired an extensive knowledge of the property and mortgage markets.

Born in the Champagne region of France, Amaury was educated in London and in the South of France. Amaury has lived half of his adult life in the UK and the US. He currently resides in France, near Paris with his (half English) family and their (half mad) dog.

When he is not arranging mortgages, Amaury can be found running after balls on a tennis court or after his dog in the French countryside.

Martha Butt

Communications and PR

Native of England, Martha has lived in France for the past ten years. Martha has a unique experience in marketing, market analysis marketing communications and PR. Martha has helped grow the profile of start-ups and North American technology companies in key European markets. Martha supports Bluesky Finance’s communication strategy.

Martha also has the double pleasure of being married to the MD!

Clément Bailly

Mortgage Adviser

Clément has lived in Australia for almost ten years where he graduated with a Bachelor of Business and Accounting at university. As such, he totally understands what motivates our international clients and he speaks their language literally and metaphorically! He then integrated an accounting public practice for a few years, before coming back to France and settling down in the Champagne area. His work ethic and determination help him deliver top-quality services for his clients, which we love. You are in safe hands with Clément. In his own time, he is a passionate runner and enjoys marathons or even longer on weekends – well no one is perfect!

Benoît Gombault

Lending Director

In the past 20 years, Benoît has been instrumental in growing and structuring the specialist mortgage market in France. He has held a variety of senior leadership roles in risk, underwriting and commercial functions for GE Capital, Sovac and ING.

A law graduate, Benoît is an expert with fiscal, legal and regulatory matters. Benoît frequently consults with lenders on topics involving product development, underwriting technology and lending criteria.

When not working you will find Benoit on a bike somewhere in Normandy

David Dawkins

Technology Partner

David is the brain behind our artificial intelligence. David combines a thorough experience of the mortgage market with a deep understanding of customers’ expectations. David is passionate about customer experience. When he is not building mortgage calculators, David be found curating soundscapes for his Mixcloud

Our Company Values

At Bluesky Finance, we strongly believe that a company, regardless of its size, should be guided by a strong set of principles. Our wish is that the relationships we have with our customers and partners meet four principles:


The service you receive from us is independent, it will never be aligned to third party interests.

Integrity and confidentiality.

We consider that our long-term reputation and credibility is more important than short term profitability. We will always put our customers and their wishes first and ensure their personal information is protected

Clear product and price information.

We will provide you with clear product and fee information and will keep you informed throughout your dealings with us. We don’t use complicated jargon so that you always know where you stand in the process of buying your dream property

Great Customer Service and responsiveness.

We understand that you have choices and that you time is precious. We listen to your needs and respond quickly to your requests. Our advice will always take account of your circumstances. Our interests with our customers are long term. We are proud to say that many of our customers are referred by existing ones and that is a reflection of the great service we deliver keeping all our customers happy.


We do not charge for advice.

We do not charge for an initial consultation.

We do not charge for referring you to a local expert (notary, legal or tax adviser, surveyor or architect).

Our administration fee is typically 1%. It is defined contractually at the onset of our relationship. This fee is a success fee only payable at the time of completion.