Brittany cottage dream come true with FATCA compatible euro mortgage

January 2020 – M and Mrs L.  53 and 51 years old. French couple living and working in the US on a local employment contract.

Client requirement:

Our clients contacted us as they were planning to purchase a holiday cottage in Brittany. Their intention was to spend a few months a year in Brittany before retiring there in 12 to 15 years time.

Our clients already owned two buy to let properties in France and had a long term established banking relationship with a leading French High Street bank. Due to their US residency status and FATCA related restrictions, our clients’ mortgage application had been denied by their bank.

Bluesky Finance mortgage solution :


Capital repayment loan with the following terms :


80% LTV Capital repayment loan

20 year fixed rate

Interest rate per annum : 1.35%

No early redemption penalty

Term Life insurance arranged with a 3rd party

Requirement to deposit 20% of the loan amount with the lender. No pledge registered.

Optional life insurance policy