1.1% 20 year fixed rate mortgage for French expat buying in Paris

December 2018 – M and Mrs B. – 51 and 48 years old.

French couple living and working in the UK.


Client requirements :

Our clients contacted us as they were in the process of purchasing a family apartment in Paris. Their intention was to let the apartment before relocating to Paris when the apartment would become their primary residence.

As they already owned several properties in France, it was in our client’s interest to maximise the Loan amount in order to minimise the value of taxable assets under the French IFI wealth tax scheme.

Our solution:

Loan amount : €1,900,000

20 year fixed rate capital repayment mortgage

Interest rate : 1.1%

Pledge on a portfolio of assets deposited in a Luxembourg

No early repayment fees

Life insurance arranged with an independent insurance company